Letter to Senator Feinstein
Bush Stimulus
letter to Senator Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein,

There is a brilliant idea on the web, from a person who has never scored below 167 on an IQ test. The economy can be turned around in record time  with this proposal on http://www.openlettertocapitolhill.com/ or http://www.openlettertothewhitehouse.com/

Congress and the White House are working very hard and are desperately searching for creative ideas from expert economists to hopefully end the continuing spiraling down of the economy with additional hundreds of thousands of people becoming unemployed and businesses going bankrupt. Few economists are creative people. Only creative people can be expected to create new ideas. Experts in every field of expertise (here economics) will generally shoot down ideas that differ too much with their standard beliefs. That stifling attitude of course precludes any sort of progress.

The projection by the banking community is that the spiraling down of the economy will continue at least another 12 months and that we will be stuck with this depression for as much as 24 to 36 months. Totally unacceptable for people that have read the website above mentioned.

This proposal on the Internet projects that the spiraling down will be stopped within 3 months from the date this plan is implemented and that the economy will be back to 6% average unemployment in the whole USA.

After implementation of this emergency plan, an additional set of economic guidelines from the same source will bring the economy into a solid recession proof cycle of 2% to 5% growth per year.

I can imagine that all of this may sound a bit too good to be true, but consider that this same person proposing this plan is also the manufacturer of the just as difficult to believe 4 minute ROM exercise machine http://www.fastworkout.com/ and that he has manufactured over 4900 of these $14,615 machines right here in California in his 82,000 square foot factory. Nothing from China, all made right here for over 19 years since 1990.

So please have this plan studied by a number of people of your staff and try to introduce legislation as soon as possible. Every minute, every hour, every day delay mean more unnecessary unemployment.

Please have your husband Mr. Richard Blum read the website because he will readily see that it would be a very excellent solution to this economic disaster.


Alf Temme
ROM machine manufacturer